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Music & Wellness Japanese Lecture and Piano Recital Music :: Classical
Music & Wellness Japanese Lecture and Piano Recital
2:00 PM
Touchmark on Saddle Drive
We are delighted to have these two extraordinary guests from
Japan. Dr. Shirakawa combines the sensitivity of a musician with
the inquiring mind of a scientist to work towards bringing wellness
to the elderly. Dr. Ohnuma, a gifted concert pianist, illustrates how
the power of music can work to bring comfort and introspection to
those in need. Their presentations in Great Falls and Helena will
be an inspiration and are not to be missed.
Gordon J. Johnson, Music Director Emeritus, GF Symphony

Message from Kumamoto to Montana

I already had the similar events five times in various cities in Japan. However, I feel extremely happy to come here, Montana, the sister state of Kumamoto
prefecture, to tell you about the patients in Kumamoto after the
earthquake disaster and the amazing power of music toward them.
When I was working in a care-type hospital close to Yokohama,
Kanagawa prefecture, I started a hospital concert. Then I saw many
elderly patients turned to smile, became vigorous and got consolation
by music. What a miraculous power the music has! In order to enjoy
music with patients, I started taking the piano lessons under Dr.
It was just one year later that the “Kumamoto Earthquake” occurred.
Two months after the earthquake, I returned to Kumamoto, my second
hometown, and started working in a hospital. Soon, I realized that
almost all the patients, especially elderly patients, got not only
physical but also mental damage by the earthquake. These are the
ordinally people, whom, individually might not be paid attention to,
not be broadcasted, furthermore, might not be counted as a “victim”…
Also for them, music had wonderful power.
“It is absolutely necessary to widely report their situations”. This was
my reason to start this “Talking Concert”. With Dr. Ohnuma’s
cooperation, every time, this event could get good reputation.
And finally today, it is held here in Montana.
I would like to express my deep appreciation to all the people who
cooperated in the preparation and implementation.
I sincerely hope this event brings something warm to your heart.
Taeko Shirakawa, Physician, Kikuchi Hospital, Kumamoto/
Representative of TSM Joi-ful Kikaku
This event is officially supported by
Kumamoto Prefectural Government
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Touchmark on Saddle Drive
Address: 915 Saddle Drive Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 406-449-4900

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