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Hometown Helena
7:00 AM
Montana Club
This week Tom White, SBA Lender Relations, will discuss loan activity for this area, types of borrowers, projects, active lenders, etc.
Jill-Marie Steeley, Executive Director PureView Health Center, will also provide a short update on some new exciting changes at their facility.
12/07- Rick Hulbert, Executive Director, Helena Community Connections, Inc.
The meeting will begin with a couple of dances from the Nutcracker performed by the Helena Premiere Dance Company (Nutcracker performance are December 16th and 17th). Charlene White, Artistic Director, will provide some background information – this is their 26th annual production.
12/14- Larry Mansch, Innocence Project
Angela McLean will also have a short presentation related to Big Heart under the Big Sky.
12/21- U. S. Senator Steve Daines will be our guest. Thanks to Greg Upham and Jilyn Chandler for agreeing to move their presentation to January 18th.
12/28- Jim and I have not decided if we will hold a meeting this week.
01/04- Wade Johnson, CEO St. Peter’s Hospital
01/11- Missouri River Drug Task Force – Danny David will have a PowerPoint followed by showing actual samples of drugs that are being used in this area. It is a huge problem.
01/18- Greg Upham and Jilyn Chandler will discuss school district test scores and how the Helena District is doing. They will cover how the results are changing some emphasis on what is being taught plus an update on school construction and safety improvements.
01/25- Strategies 360 will discuss the upcoming 6 mill higher education levy that will be voted on in November of 2018.
North Korea’s Rocket Man popped off another missile test – sounds like it was equivalent to an 8,100 mile trajectory that could hit most any site in the U.S. That whole situation is getting a bit out of hand.
Monday’s Independent Record Opinion Page had an article by Rep. Tom Burnett. You never know if the numbers used in these opinion page pieces are correct but would assume they have been pretty well checked out. His article was on higher education and a couple of things caught my attention. The national average for students that graduate from public four-year colleges is 33% (67% drop out before graduation)- the graduation number is 21% in Montana. Seems like a lot of education efforts being lost in the mix, but I suppose some college is helpful for most people even if they don’t graduate. He also stated that Montana’s public-college tuition is $6,409 placing us as the third lowest in the U.S. Seems like good news but his point was low tuition encourages students who lack commitment or preparation to enroll and then drop out. It also creates a lot of debt for these students. Parents with kids in college have told me that tuition today is about 33% of the cost of their children going to college – so that certainly adds to the issue.
The shortest day of the year is less than a month away!!
There has been a lot of talk about how to support the possible future electrical infrastructure that would be needed if a large number of households purchase an electric car. A typical home has a 100amp or 200amp service (most homes have their electrical box filled with breakers already) and a recharging system can require up to a 75 amp service so the question is will the additional draw require upgraded home electrical systems and what if everyone on the block plugs in at the same time - will there be enough capacity in the service and main lines?? Maybe that is all figured out. What happened to the idea of the Hydrogen powered vehicles – I thought that was the answer a few years ago???
Don’t forget to pay your property tax by December 5th – that is next Tuesday!!!
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Montana Club
Address: 3515 Juniper Drive Helena, MT 59602
Phone: 4065589141

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